Stat Zero offers several educational options for anyone who wants an introduction to impact investing and venture capital (VC).

Our comprehensive courses range from an all-inclusive crash course to a full-length expert seminar alongside Venture University.

Impact Investor Education Program


Impact Investor Crash Course

A quick and comprehensive guide to the basics of impact investing through the lens of an impact fund.


Venture Capital Intensive Course

A deeper dive into the foundations of venture capital and impact investing. The course is approximately 23 hrs in length.


VC Advanced Training

An advanced look into venture capital and impact investing. The course is approximately 25 hrs in length and will prepare you for a high-level understanding of VC.


VC Expert Seminar

An expert's approach to impact investing and venture capital. This package is a combination of impact fundamentals, the VC Intensive Course and the VC Advanced course.

"I just graduated from an MBA and this program complimented my classes by giving me a specific framework to evaluate early stage companies... I see myself referencing several of my learnings for the rest of my career."

Paola Delgado
Laconia Capital Group

Limited scholarship opportunities are available for the Stat Zero + Venture University Courses

Stat Zero Ventures is the investment arm of Stat Zero, a global movement to move the world towards zero inequality.

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