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What is our impact investment approach?

Stat Zero is a public-sector fintech that powers inclusive smart nation solutions.  We are a GovTech-focused R&D group with an impact fund that solves grand challenges using emerging technology and social innovation methods. 
Our focus areas align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Bill and Melinda's Gate Grand Challenges, and Legendary Social Entrepreneur Muhammad Yunus's Zero Goals.
Our Zero goals:

zero-disease, zero-pollution, zero-poverty, zero-illiteracy, and zero-inequality.

Stat Zero, which won World Finance Magazine's Best Sustainable Investment Company for being a disruptive public sector innovationaims to become a leader in impact returns because we have a proven track record of leading successful $1B digital transformation projects. 
These include sectors, such as: 
  • Energy, Climate & Sustainability (CleanTech and WasteTech),
  • Citizen Services & National Infrastructure (Prop Tech, SME Tech),
  • Education and Future of Work (EdTech)
  • Public Sector Healthcare (HealthTech) and Social Programs (Services Tech)
  • Defense and Intelligence (CyberTech)
We aim to accelerate GovTech innovations that create a better world in two ways - investing directly in startups aligned with our focus areas and creating global syndicates of impact investors that invest with us. We know where governments are with governments that are willing to make innovation investments. 



Stat Zero Ventures is our corporate venture capital arm. 

Stat Zero Ventures enables our limited partners to invest in de-risking digital transformation projects with governments. For example, we can turn $100M of project financing into $291M in realized gains with short-term liquidity options. 

Our mission is to be the #1 Smart Nation solutions investment platform. 
  1. Stat Zero invests in building commercial R&D by configuring solutions using our ventures portfolio; 
  2. Stat Zero provides managed impact investment vehicles and services to impact investors and startups;
  3. Stat Zero invests in International routes to markets for our impact investors, portfolio and community to learn global best practices and gain global market access.
Our Global Co-Investors and Partners 

Our global syndicate of impact investors and innovators, Club Zero, co-invest with us in Bold Entrepreneurs (Use Cases, Equity, Micro funds) to achieve functional zero.  Together, we invest in bleeding-edge technologies, specifically Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum, AR/VR, Cloud, and Edge Computing. Stat Zero Ventures gives traditional investors seeking to diversify their assets the ability to own a global digital transformation portfolio. 
Club Zero is our impact syndicate and community that enables accredited investors to co-invest alongside global governments to improve opportunity zones, worldwide, and transform global economies – to capture value in the digital economy during the fourth industrial revolution.
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