We believe zero is the greatest number.

Stat Zero invests in building digital solutions with governments, corporates, and tech startups.

The bigger, the better?

We are a platform company that mobilizes impact investors to co-invest with governments into technology ventures moving the world towards zero-poverty, zero-illiteracy, zero-disease, zero-pollution, and zero-inequality.

We invest in startup technology ventures making a difference, re-purpose their solutions for new markets, and drive them into emerging industries and global geographies with support from local governments. 

We achieve Zero through partnerships with governments, corporations, and innovators around the world.

We are a team of global citizens working with governments to spread the most impactful solutions across industries and across the world. We come from government, social enterprises, and high tech startups.

Marquis Cabrera

CEO + Co-Founder

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JoHannah Harrington

COO and General Counsel

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Jessica Salinas

Partner + Co-Founder

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Eddie Vaisman

Tech Advisor +


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Explanations of our fund and interviews with global leaders. Click here to read more posts.


Stat Zero Industry Interviews

We believe zero is the greatest number.

Interested in the movement? Join us as we work to achieve zero.

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