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For those startups seeking customer development, project financing, and business support services:
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For those emerging venture managers wanting to join or learn public sector venture capital:
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For those B2B retail investors that want to make money and impact:
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Startup Intake Form (Founders)

Reach out to the Stat Zero to be considered for investment. We review all submissions! If you have reached out in the past and have updates to share, you can fill  out and submit a new form.
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    1-sentence Description/Tagline
  • Stage of Maturity *
  • Problem/Need *
    What is the problem(pain, Challenge, Need)
  • Solution *
    What is the product or service? How are you solving that need?
  • Customer *
    Who is paying for your product or service? Who are the buyers?
  • Start Year *
    What year did you start your company launch?
  • Market Description*
    Who are the major groups of customers? Is the market large now and growing, stable, or will be large in the future?
  • Market Size (Customers)*
    Total number of potential buyers (typically within the U.S.).
  • Market Size (USD)*
    How big is the market (rough calculation)? Average price of our product X the total number of potential buyers (typically within the U.S.) in billions of USD.
  • Team, Board, Advisors*
    Industry knowledge, unique skills, leadership, key relationships, prior successes and/or failures?
  • Traction - Product *
    How developed is the product? Have they performed pilot/s? Were any paid? Minimum Viable Product built? Key things learned?
  • Traction - Cumulative Revenue *
    How much revenue have you made to date? ($, USD)
  • Traction - Revenue (ARR) *
    What is their current Annual Run Rate (ARR)? (Last months revenue x 12 months, $USD)
  • Traction - Growth Rate *
    What was the growth rate from last month to this month? Growth rate = (this month's revenue - last month's revenue)/(this month's revenue)
  • Traction - Revenue (Recurring) *
    What percentage of last month's revenue (or the last 2-3 months) is recurring? How much is subscription revenue versus one-time sales? e.g. $50K in total revenue with $20K as a subscription and $30K as a one-time consulting project = 20/50 = 40%)
  • Traction - Users*
    How many active users are using or have used the product or service?
  • Traction - Customers*
    How many customers are PAYING for the product or service TODAY?
  • Traction - Engagement
    Other key metrics? Monthly Active Users (MAU) rate? Revenue growth rate, Month over Month (MoM)? Notable partnerships?
  • Traction - Pipeline (USD)
    How may customers have SIGNED letters of intent (LOIs), memorandums of understanding (MOUs), or unfulfilled contracts with the venture? Who are they? What is the total contract value over the next 12-18 months?
  • Milestones - Projections
    What is the target for total users and/or ARR in the next 3-6 months?
  • Channel Partner - Go To Market
    Who are the distribution partners who are going to help you reach your customer? List organizations you have a partnership with.
  • Revenue / Business Model
    What is the charge for each product or/and service? What is the avg. price per unit? Is the revenue recurring or one-time?
  • Revenue / Business Model (USD) *
    What is the avg. revenue per customer in USD TODAY?
  • Revenue / Business Model - Frequency *
    How often do customers buy your product on average?
  • Expenses - Product Cost *
    What is the cost of your product to make per unit for each product and/or service?
  • Expenses - CAC *
    What is your cost of customer acquisition (CAC, Cost to acquire) one customer)? (average, USD)
  • Expenses - Burn Rate *
    What is the average total (all) monthly expenses for the startup over the last few (usually 2-3) months?
  • Financials - LTV *
    What is your expected Lifetime Customer Value (LTV)? Total amount (in USD) a customer spends over their lifetime with the venture.
  • Finances - Gross Margin *
    What is your gross margin? (sales price - unit cost)/sales price) as a percentage
  • Competition *
    Who are the direct and indirect competitors? What are the barriers to entry? Differentiation?
  • Investment - Raised (USD)*
    How much capital have they previously raised in total to date?
  • Investment - Spent (USD) *
    How much capital has already been spent to date?
  • Investment - Raising?*
    How much are they raising currently?
  • Investment - Vehicle *
    How much are they raising currently?
  • Investment - Committed *
    How much capital has already been committed in THIS round?
  • Investment - Valuation (USD) *
    What is the current pre-money valuation ($, USD)? Or Cap on the Convertible Note / SAFE?If you do not know is it OK. Enter your target valuation.
  • Investment - Investors*
    Who are the investors in your previous round and/or the current round? Please identify the lead and any new investors. If none, enter none
  • Closing*
    Please enter the closing date of this round, if known.
  • Strategic Value*
    How we can help? What introductions can we make or knowledge can we share?
  • Impact Focus *
    We invest in for-profit companies aligned with our impact goals. What are the startups primary impact focus areas?
  • Impact - Underrepresented *
    Do any of the founding team members identify as underrepresented? (e.g. Women, Black, Latinx, LGBTQ, Veteran)
  • Impact - Opportunity Zone*
    Is your startup headquartered in an Opportunity Zone?
  • Risks*
    What are the major risks in investing in this new venture?
  • Headquarters Location (City)*
  • Vertical*
    Enter key words that identify the sector and/or industry of focus?
  • Verticals *
  • Geography*
  • Partners
    Do you have an affiliation to any of our ecosystem or venture partners/advisors?  Please state who below.
  • Additional Comments
    Is there any other information we should know at this time?
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