We train globally diverse venture ecosystems

Stat Zero is leveraging investments in emerging technology ecosystems to achieve statistical zero, specifically zero-homeless, zero-disease, zero-pollution.  


Stat Zero is the ‘startup factory’ and 'ideas labs' where governments and industries test new models. We take emerging ideas from varied rich markets and translate them for communities starving for innovation. 


Our clients -- startups, accredited investors, and philanthropists -- leverage our tech platform to grow new market share and generate returns, while meeting grand challenges.


We build a global community of impact investors


Club Zero is a global trusted digital community of impact investors that invests in ventures moving the world towards Zero.  


Stat Zero’s signature offering for all impact investors, Club Zero provides opportunities for emerging and existing impact investors learn new investment methodologies, brush up on the mechanics of venture capital investments, access digital materials, and develop new skills through its training programs. 


Our clients -- startups, accredited investors, and philanthropists -- leverage our tech platform to grow new market share and generate returns, while meeting grand challenges. Not only is Club Zero a training program but it also offers access to a deep network of startups, governments seeking smart nation solutions, and digital transformation investment opportunities. VCs and Corporations have the chance to find new partners, expand globally, and pitch their ideas to our celebrity partners.



We aim to tackle the SDGs at scale 

Stat Zero aims to invest in “impact” focused startups and companies. Because “impact” in the venture capital industry has been used broadly, we believe it is important to define what we consider impact to be. We are committed to achieving zero: zero poverty, zero disease, zero illiteracy, zero waste/pollution, and zero inequality. To further characterize, we have mapped each of our zero-goals to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their respective targets, which have been adopted as “a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and in the future.”

Because we believe we should evaluate companies based on its financial returns and its impact in the world, it is critical to have a framework upon which to calculate the latter. We approached the impact a company can create through a multidimensional lens. The impact a company makes within their companies is as important as the impact it looks to make via their product, service, program and/or technology, and it must be evaluated as such. We also have a responsibility to assess a company’s potential risk of negative impact.

Thus, we have divided our framework as follows: Internal Impact, External Impact, Risks & Other Considerations to be assessed in the following stages of investment: Screening, Initial Diligence/Sourcing, Due Diligence, and Post Investment.

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