CLub Zero Manifesto

Big numbers drive the world we live in


We’re constantly striving for more — more money, more cars, more followers, more friends, more likes — the truth of values often lies in the phrase “the bigger, the better.”


The number zero is often undesirable. It stands for nothing, null, and void.

Zero is defined as the absence of quantity or magnitude.


But in some facets of our world, zero could change everything.


Imagine our society in which all its citizens experienced ZERO disease,

ZERO unemployment, ZERO pollution, and ZERO homelessness.


Imagine ZERO worldwide.


That is our cause, inspiration, and passion.


To us, ZERO is the greatest number.

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Club Zero is Stat Zero Venture's digital network for citizen innovators, emerging managers, impact investors, global family offices and pension funds to build a  global Smart Nation ecosystem.  We enable our limited partners to invest in de-risking digital transformation projects with governments.