Harvard PhD Dara Menashi Uses Technology to Improve Child Well-Being

We interview Dr. Dara Menashi, who is the President of Kids Insight, a nonprofit organization sponsored by the Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF). She was one of the original members of the Casey Strategic Consulting Group and helped develop the AECF consulting practice model, creating tools and training teams in effective consulting techniques designed for embedding new ideas into public systems.

NBA, Atlanta Hawk’s Director Michael Roncarati Gives Thoughts On How to Innovate Sports Medicine

We interview Dr. Michael Roncarati, PT, DPT, CSCS, who is the Director of Rehabilitation for the NBA Atlanta Hawks.

Top Global Thinker Applies Lessons from Airbnb and Uber to Open Government as a Platform

We interview Sangeet Paul Choudary, a C-level executive advisor and an international best-selling author. He is the co-author of Platform Revolution and the author of Platform Scale. He has been selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and is ranked among the top 30 emerging thinkers globally in 2016 by Thinkers50 Radar, a global ranking of top business thinkers.

IBM Distinguished Engineer Jan Gravesen On How Hybrid Agile Can Transform Government Legacy Systems

We interview IBM’s Distinguished Engineer Jan Gravesen, who will be speaking at the upcoming L.A. Digital Government Summit, to share his thought on how implementing a Hybrid Agile approach could enable government legacy transformations.

Venture Capital Valuations and Multiples

Although creating or assessing the valuation of a startup is an art with a splash of science — there are norms that founders and emerging investors should be aware of. This post is meant for founders that are fundraising from venture capitalists and angels investing in startups.

Stat Zero Ventures

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18F co-founder and former Presidential Innovation Fellow Rob Read’s tips on government IT modernization

Robert L. Read, who left his post as director of development at Planview to be a Presidential Innovation Fellow in 2013 and helped create 18F and 18F Consulting, shares his thoughts on modernizing government legacy systems.

Obama White House Deputy CTO Jennifer Pahlka on global government, citizen-centric digital transformation

Code for America CEO Jen Pahlka explains why global governments must developed user-centered citizen services.

Harvard PhD Andy Yen provides tips to governments on cybersecurity protections

The CEO of ProtonMail, Andy Yen, explains how his company works to improve cybersecurity protections in Switzerland.

Could a digital identity network prevent the next Equifax-like breach?

A military veteran equipped with a Harvard MBA launches digital identity startup to protect against future Equifax cyberattacks.

Australian State develops fund to spark government innovation

Sam Hannah-Rankin, Director Public Sector Innovation for Department of Premier and Cabinet (Vic) in Australia, discusses the launch of a fund aimed at sparking innovation in Australia.

Using analytics to identify and predict patients’ physical health needs

A web-based tool that identifies and predicts patients most in need for therapy services in real time was born out of the recurring problem of missed therapy visits.

United Nations blockchain pioneer prevents fraud of international aid payments

An interview with Joseph Thompson, co-founder and CEO of AID:Tech, and a winner of James Wolfensohn Game Changer Award and UN Sustainable Development Goal Pioneer 2017 for blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain investor gives suggestions to global governments regulating new technologies

A talk with Miko Matsumura, who founded crypto exchange Evercoin and is a Venture Partner with BitBull Capital, on how governments might regulate blockchain and cryptocurrencies while still allowing for innovation.

Stat Zero’s Investment Process

At Stat Zero Ventures we aim to make the investment process as transparent and smooth as possible for founders as well as thorough. Our primary responsibility is to make sound investments on behalf of our limited partners — our funders — in order to maximize our return on investment, but we realize the fundraising process can be a burden for founders.

Investor Dating - 40+ Questions Investors Ask Founders

As a founder I have pitched endlessly at demo days and also one-on-one sessions with angel investors and venture capitalists. As much as I prepared, I remember countless meetings I walked out thinking — “I wish I knew that question was coming!” Today, I have the privilege of sitting in the investor’s seat as General Partner of Stat Zero, but I have spent most of my time as a founder and as an ode to the hustlers, I am sharing a list of several initial questions I may ask in a first meeting.

What Every Investor Looks For In A Pitch Deck

Whether you’re an entrepreneur raising your first round or an investor looking at deals, it’s essential to know what exactly a good pitch deck should look like. A ‘pitch deck’ is a presentation that investors expect startups to share with them when first interacting with founders who are fundraising.

U.S. Digital Service recruits Silicon Valley innovators, like Matt Cutts, to modernize government technology

An interview with Matt Cutts (of Google fame), who now heads the US Digital Service – a group of designers, engineers, and product managers who bring the best practices from industry into the government to try to make services work better for the American people.

Oman develops technology fund to invest in global entrepreneurs

An interview with Yousuf Al Harthy, CEO of the Oman Technology Fund, and Hanan Askalan, a member of the Board of Directors about what the fund is, why it was started and how it operates.

David Shrier thinks we need a better model of how we deploy new technologies (and he’s right)

Oxford and MIT futurist David Shrier explains how augmented and extended intelligence may protect global governments against cyberattacks.

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